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Wagyu Beef Or Kurobuta Pork Shabu with Thai Herbals Broth

Steak Laos

Crispy Duck Confit with Pasta and Northern Thai Style Yellow Curry Sauce
Scallop and Shrimp Mousse roll with Tamarind Sauce
Steam Sea bass with Fresh Milk and Spicy Cilantro Sauce
Clams with Basil White Wine Sauce
Smoked Gravlax Salmon Salad with Rice Cracker
Hot Tomato Soup with Shrimp & Basil Rolls
Grilled Chicken Panini Sandwich with Spicy Tamarind Sauce
Pan Seared Salmon Steak with Galangal Cream Sauce
Steamed Jasmine rice with Stir-fried Seafood With Green Curry Sauce
Mango sticky Rice strudel With Raspberry Sauce
Honey Toffee Toast with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Homemade Honey Caramel
Thai style Pancake with Italian Meringue, Young Coconut Flesh and Toasted Sesame Seeds
Herbal Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Caramelized Pumpkin Seed
Deep fried shrimp with cream cheese mayonnaise fruit salad