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Recipes International Food Three-Colored Donburi

Sweeten Chicken
• Minced chicken 200g
• Grated ginger 1 ½ teaspoon
• Sake 3 tablespoon
• Sugar 3 tablespoon
• Shoyu 2 ½ tablespoon

Sweeten egg white
• Egg 3
• Sugar 3tablespoon+1teaspoon
• Sake 1 tablespoon
• Salt 1 ½ teaspoon

Puoy Leng
• Puoy Leng 1bunch
• Shoyu 1 teaspoon

• Japanese rice 4 cup
How To
1. Making the sweet chicken, minced chicken and sake in a pot using a wooden spoon to stir so the meat is separate using medium heat. Until the chicken is half way cook, season with sugar and shoyu and continue to stir until dry.
2. Making the sweeten egg, mix all ingredients in a pot using fork or 3pairs of chopstick to stir it well then bring up to medium heat, stir until the egg is become cooked and separate like a crumb
3. Boil the water with a dash of salt, put in Puoy Leng and branch for 30 seconds after that shock it with cold water. Squeeze out extra water and cut it into 3 inches long. Mix it with shoyu
4. To serve, place the rice in a bowl, put in 3 different toppings accordingly and equally

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