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Sauce Pot - Vitalux Flora

  • Modern style with flower strip at the bottom.
  • Outstanding with capsule base bottom.
  • Reduce fire burning stick a pot.
  • The firm handle and durable.
Sauce pan ( Merry )

  • Nice design, with better grip handle.
Sparghetti pot set (Merry)

  • Outer pot with high body.
  • Inner pot using for drainer.
  • Amazing cook fever menu.
Cookware Set - Estio Pro ( glass lid )

  • An individual for person who cooking enjoy.
  • Completed cookware set for everybody .
  • New design glass lid.
  • Outstanding with capsule base bottom for distribute heat evenly the pot&pan.
  • Save the energy, suitable for every kind stove, especially for induction Cooker.
Cookware Set "Geniuse"

  • includes Sauce pot 20, 24 cm., Sauce pan 16 cm., frying pan 24 cm.with glass lid
  • Modern style with better grip handle.
  • Available at Robinson, Central Department Store.
Estio 5 Ply Products

  • Advanced technology in manufacturing.
  • Excellent 5 Ply structure in stainless steel .
  • Special designed on handle for proper grip.
  • Energy saving and applicable for all types of stoves.
Estio Pro

  • Unigue design for cooking, Proper grip.
  • Outstanding function with capsule Base, Spreading heat quickly and evenly.
  • Energy saving ank applicable for all types of stove. Especially, the induction cooker.
Non - Stick fry pan ( Platinum)

  • Excellent coating quality by Dupont.
  • Long Lasting with mable coating & ceramic alloy.
  • Resistant to scratch or scrub .
  • Less oil cooking
  • Applicable to all types of stores Especially, the induction cooker.
  • Non - Stick "Platinum" material Certified by FDA from USA.
Soup Warmer Set (Single) 4 Litre & 6 Litre

  • Specilly designed for warming soup by alchohol container.
  • Suitable for hotel & restaurant.
Electric Juice Maker

  • Stainless steel body with special 2 functions for oranges + lemons.
  • Extra cover for dust & insect protection.
  • Outstanding & Modern design.
Functional Blending Machine.

  • Stainless steel body with thick blending glass.
  • Dry blending machine with food grade filter.
  • Adjustable button for each type of food.
  • Special blending function for ice.
  • Extra equipment inside blending glass.
Fruit Blending Machine 500 w.

  • Stainless steel body with thick blending glass.
  • Adjustable button for each type of food.
  • Special blending function for ice.
Sauce Pot - Cesar with glass lid

  • Specially designed on handle and proper grip.
  • Able to see the food inside through glass lid.
  • Spread heat perfectly by Capsule base.
  • Pot with spout for pouring water from the glass cover.
Electric Urn 28 cm. ‘Extra’

  • Capacity 17.8 liter
  • Made by good quality stainless steel 304 without welding line.
  • Heater EGO from Germany is embedded in the body.
  • Equipped with ‘Thermal cut out’ When the heater is too hot, Thermal cut out will automatically cut off the electric circuit to protect the heater damage.
  • Certified by Industrial standard of Thailand for safety.
Noodle Pot 45 cm. with 3 Division

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